Our Projects

Sprout Scouts (Project Manager: Genny Li, genny.li@utexas.edu) is a nutritional initiative started by our president, Sina Ghadiri! Its aim is to solve the problem of food deserts in the East Austin area. Through its after-school farm stand and educational activities, Sprout Scouts is aiming to bring healthy eating to every community in Austin, one child at a time!

Students for Wema (PM: Joy Puder, joypuder@utexas.edu) is a legacy project that has been a part of Enactus for almost 3 years! It focuses on building sustainable funding ventures for the Wema children’s center and orphanage in Bukembe, Kenya. This past year, Students for Wema built a bakery in the local village to create a local source of income for the orphanage. They are also creating a business curriculum to teach the villagers how to own and operate a sustainable business!


The Opportunity Project (PM: Anna Wang, anna.h.wang@gmail.com) is a process that engages the tech industry to create digital tools that expand American economic opportunity. They do this by working with the Department of Commerce as well as local tech companies to produce applications and systems for non-profits across the US.

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Driven (Co-Project Managers: Arjun Naganathan, arjunmn@utexas.edu; Shaili Mehta, shaili.mehta@utexas.edu) aims to solve a problem right in our Austin community: homelessness. Driven aims to connect employers in the Austin area to those affected by homelessness. Through our resources, we aim to rehabilitate and give resources to hard-working community members who have fallen victim to circumstance. This project is still in its prototype stages but comes with a strong backbone of research and an evaluated business plan.


Amare Outreach (PM: Dana Pierce, danapierce4@gmail.com) seeks to reduce the stigma around mental illness. We will also encourage young adults (target age: 14-24) to talk about their battles, and have better access to treatment for mental illnesses.

Kazi (PM: Avery Hawthorne, averyh1999@gmail.com) is an active-wear line that gives back by empowering both women and children in Africa’s largest slum. This project was founded by Avery Hawthorne. Every summer Avery has gone to Africa’s largest slum, Kibera, where she has been exposed to the numerous issues that lead to cyclical poverty. She would like to employ the women of Kibera, who typically lack empowerment and end up in the sex trade, to make athletic wear. Through this employment, they would also be able to feed their families and send their children to school. Additionally, part of the profits would go to fund sports programs in the slum. Extracurricular activities are outlets we take for granted in the US and could provide important team building and leadership skills while keeping kids off the dangerous streets.

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